our heritage


Grocery store in Joure

Egbert Douwes and his wife Akke Thijsses opened their grocery store "De Witte Os", selling coffee, tea and other items that belong to "the daily joys of life".


Easy access to the waterways

Egbert Douwes decided, like other merchants at the time, that Joure's easy access to the waterways would allow trade to flourish, and he was right.


Grocery store in Bremen

The 26-year-old Johann Jacobs opened his first grocery store, underlined by a promise: I will make it my challenge to only deliver the best and flawless goods, always at a reasonable price.


Introduction of the Douwe Egberts seal

The original store was called De Witte Os, however the family renamed the company Douwe Egberts as trade in coffee and tea expanded, along with its reputation. As the business developed, the headquarters was moved to Utrecht, and in 1925, the iconic Douwe Egberts seal was introduced.


Jacobs Kaffee Wunderbar

Johann’s nephew, Walther J. Jacobs, returned to Bremen to join his uncle’s business. The brand identity emerged to include the colors of yellow and black and the famous slogan ‘Jacobs Kaffee Wunderbar’.


Introducing Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Johann Jacobs and Egbert Douwes didn't know where their journeys would lead them.

They just believed that everyone deserved the coffee they love.
And that's what we still stand for today.





Acquisition of Super Group

JDE expands into strategically important Asian growth region

With over 30 years’ instant food and beverage manufacturing experience, the addition of Super Group to the JDE portfolio marks an important milestone for the category in Asia.