Maxwell House

Born in the United States in 1892, Maxwell House arrived in France in 1969.

Since then, Maxwell House has managed to become a key player on the instant coffee market.


For generations, the flavorful aroma and rich taste of Maxwell House coffee has brightened up mornings, energized gatherings and comforted moments.

The brand is renowned for its spontaneity, its simplicity, its authenticity and the quality of its coffee.


The coffee craftsmen, steeped in Maxwell House tradition, carefully blend and roast the coffee beans to high quality standards, as they have for over 100 years.

This pride, passion and attention to detail means that every cup has been, and always will be "Good to the Last Drop' or as the recent ad campaign claims 'Good just got Great'.


Maxwell House has two different ranges of coffee : its coffee pure range, a unique blend of arabica and robusta coffee offering a richly flavored coffee, and its cappuccino range, combining harmoniously subtle flavors with a generous and smooth milk foam.


Wherever you are, with friends or family, seize the opportunity to savor intense flavors for friendly and spontaneous moments with Maxwell House !