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Youth 4 Youth Project


78% of Uganda’s entire population is under the age of 35 with 89% of available jobs being in agriculture. There is however a low engagement of youth in the agriculture industry, there are a number of parallel projects that do not interact and an overall disconnect between the urban and rural education system and resulting job opportunities. Most of the population in Uganda is concentrated in the central and southern parts of the country with the urban population making up 16.8% of the total population. JDE Common Grounds has found that in most cases no matter the background, location, how educated or higher up in society they are, most of the youth are aware and subject to similar challenges. Most youth will struggle to find a job and make a successful living due to some key challenges that are present countrywide. In this program we are addressing some of these challenges.

The Project

The project aims to create 1,000 youth jobs in agriculture in Uganda.

  • Marula Research Centre will link international universities, agricultural stakeholders and Ugandan students. The objective is knowledge transfer, practical experience in the field, exposure to industry, company based (relevant) research in Uganda
  • Social Business Association providing the practical arm and industry relevance to theoretical educational institutions, career guidance, practical and business skills, network development, workshops
  • Rural Youth Smart Services: Integrating the youth into agriculture through ICT smartphone technology and agronomy training, farming as a business (commission), improve seedling survival, national ICT integrated farmer profiling, set-up demo plots
  • Rural Business Hubs (Incubator): Bringing (urban educated) youth back to their rural areas to start companies and absorb other youth in the area


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3 Years


2018 - 2020



% Female Farmers & Youth


Coffee Households


Areas of work

  • equality-of-people-icon@2x.pngEquality of people
  • prosperity-of-farmers-icon@2x.pngProsperity of farmers

Project themes

  • Gender and youth equality.pngGender and Youth Inclusivity
  • diversification.pngDiversification
  • Farm management.pngFarm Management

Other Projects

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